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30 years  on the electrical material trade

Mixvill Kft. was started in 1993. It is a 100% hungarian company. Today, it has 172 employees. During this time we have obtained a significant role in the field of electrical material sales, import and export in Hungary. Our own brandnames have a good feedback not only on the Hungarian market but on the foreign markets as well. These are the 'OMU system' modular system, the 'Alfa' weather-proof switch family, the 'Neocross' flush mounted switch family, the 'OMU System' tools/metering devices and control equipment, the 'OMU Lighting' technology LED lamps, fixtures and lightsources.

In accordance to keep our leading position on the domestic market and to get a bigger part from the foreign market we take special attention to the price-value rate when establishing our product range and price levels. Satisfaction about our products and service is reflected by our EUR 42 million annual turnover (2022).

We are importing our products from Europe and Asia directly from the manufacturers under our own brandnames (OEM). Our export is remarkable. We are regulalry transporting our goods to 24 countries all over Europe. This way our foreign sales are showing a raising tendency each year. The Headquarters of Mixvill Kft. can be found in Debrecen. Our company has 34 shops (with own stock) around Hungary making it the leader among electrical material trading companies (regarding network sizes). The number of our shops is steadily growing each year. 7 of these shops can be found in our capital city, Budapest.

Our branch offices, domestic and foreign partners are supplied from our 7000m2 warehouse at our central 20000m2 headquarter in Debrecen with a capacity of 9000 EUR palettes. We are transporting our goods with our own vehicles: 10pcs of 26t, 3pcs of 12t trucks, and 36pcs of 3,5t vans.

We have continous positive feedback from our products and our marketing activities not just from our partners but from our selling statistics as well.